Laboratory Automation

Lab Automation Software

LabACT, the laboratory automation platform, is built to fit into any lab automation project.

Lab Automation

Automate Redundant Tasks

LabACT automates reduntant tasks to free time and eliminate errors.

Dashboard views allow managers and staff to view the latest status of business and lab activities.

With LabACT MultiSample's automated reordering, never run out of precious biological or chemical inventory again.

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Collaborate Easily and Effectively

Collaboration between people, departments, customers and vendors can all be managaged centrally with LabACT.

The optional wiki-based intranet allows everyone to keep content fresh, making knowledge sharing simple, putting shared document access where everyone needs it.

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Track Everything in One Place

Easy online Tracking of projects, sub projects and related data is easy when your laboratory, biotech or pharma uses LabACT.

LabACT MultiSample allows tracking of all inventory. Track biologicial samples, compounds, and all related details including storage location, availabilty and usage.

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