Laboratory Automation

Lab Automation Software

Laboratory Automation Software, Biotech and Pharmaceutical Operating Systems: For Systems-Dependent Success

Lab Automation Software


  • is a platform that consists of individual modules that work independently to solve specific laboratory needs.
  • can be used as a complete solution including a complete wiki-based company intranet.
  • can be extended quickly to meet the unique needs of any laboratory.
  • makes it easy to add bespoke software solutions to your lab.
  • was built from the ground up with a primary focus on systems integration and ease of custom add-ons for every customer.
  • is the underlying technology that powers most of our other solutions.


  • is a web-based laboratory operating system that begins as a basic intranet and extends to support all aspects of operations within the laboratory.
  • allows easy access to workflows, standard operating procedures, FAQs and knowledge management for all tasks.
  • empowers people to move to different positions within the lab or company with very minimal transition time.

BiotechOS™ and PharmaceuticalOS™ (PharmaOS™)

  • are web-based business operating system that begins as a basic intranet and extends to support all aspects of operations within a biotech or pharmaceutical company.
  • integrate with all of your business systems for centralization of company information.


  • is a contracted-service management tool.
  • provides a way to manage all outsourced activities.
  • allows visibility into activities of your vendors and service providers.
  • helps ensure that outside services are providing the support you need.

Stand-alone Components


  • is the sample inventory control system included in standard LabACT™ and LaboratoryOS™.
  • is available for stand-alone installations.
  • allows tracking, barcoding and reporting of all of your samples in a single web interface.
  • integrates with laboratory equipment and third party systems.
  • supports Excel worksheet import and exports.


  • is the workflow visibility and reporting tool.
  • provides tailored views for executives, managers, technicians and customers.
  • allows real-time visibility into project timelines.
  • helps ensure that no tasks fall through the cracks.
  • is the system that helps activities move smoothly.